Yoga Flow – 40 Minutes video class


Discover the 40 minutes Yoga Flow with Vesta Mauch. Practice Yoga from the comfort of your home at the times of your choice.


  • Excercises Covered:
      • Surya A & B (Full)
      • Utthita Parsvakonasana (Modified A & B)
      • Utthita Padangusthasana (Modified A) Use Wall
      • Utkatasana
      • Warrior A & B
      • Urdhva Dhanuranasana (half-bridge hands back)
      • Padmasana
      • Closing Mantra
      • Savasana

      Accessible and safe for all

      • Strong and effective cardio work
      • Detox efficacy increased
      • Learn the Counts and Vinyasas
      • Builds stamina
      • Burns fat
      • Barometer for the breath
      • Points to the Asanas that need more work
      • Teaches «Drishti» (gaze): «posture»; and «breath sequence»


      Mat, Bloc & a Towel